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Poetry Pleases: Rain

Miriam McAtee celebrates the life-giving power of rain.

Softly, subtly
misting down.
Wooing and awakening
flowers lift their heads

Veiling, enhancing,
pale sunbeams glitter through.
Golden shroud for a while surrounds
then departs leaving myriad diamond droplets

Pounding, exploding
through dark brooding skies,
land and sea battered, hearts afraid.
Fish and frog leap and frolic,

Soothing, healing,
parched cracked earth mends.
Brooks and streams gurgle,
thirst is quenched and life

Trees bend, weighted down,
Birds and beasts cower,
fur and feathers soaked
but knowing that all the while Life is

Rain like Life
is neither all good or all bad.
Killing, destroying, wrecking
yet kind and cleansing, life supporting,

The rain is my drink;
It batters my roof and my windows
but safe and cocooned in bed
I snuggle down and am lulled to sleep


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