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Classical Composers A-Z: Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

Peter Wintersgill introduces us to Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, the composer of Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast.

15th August, 1875, in London

Doctor from Sierra Leone


Studied composition at Royal College of Music with Stanford. Wrote clarinet quintet and other chamber works, anthems and songs.

Adult Life
Main claim to fame was as the composer of Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast (1898) from Longfellow’s poem, followed by Death of Minnehaha (1899) and Hiawatha’s Departure (1900).

Other works were in demand after this and included Meg Blane (1902), The Atonement (1903), Kubla Khan (1906) and A Tale of Old Japan (1911). He made three visits to USA studying Negro folk music.

He died 1st September, 1912, in London, aged 37.


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