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Poetry Pleases: Storm

…magnificent in rage
ripping, roaring, rousting
a monster in action…

Miriam McAtee puts words to the destructive will of a storm.

I am Storm
known for teasing and terrifying
upsetting and unfurling
as I rout and roil.

I am Storm
easily aroused and aggressive
everything in my path
twirls to destruction.

I am Storm
magnificent in rage
ripping, roaring, rousting
a monster in action.

I am Storm
I will not be beholden
cities here, habitation there
all bow and flatten before me.

I am Storm
creating despair and havoc
heaven and ocean heave and roll
as I thunder onwards.

I am Storm
then I met Peace
glittering sapphire eyes, silvery fluffy mane
Dazzled……..I retreat in awe.

I am Storm
but she is Peace
she shimmers and glows at me
and I am subdued and becalmed


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