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Poetry Pleases: The Angel

There is nothing that God cannot do
The angel said..

Joyce Worsfold brings us an Advent poem.

There is nothing that God cannot do
The angel said
He decapitates mountains and lava flows
From a tiny seed a flower grows.
Wind uproots the strongest trees
Tidal waves sweep through seas.
Life is formed in inhospitable places
Laughter transforms the most miserable faces.
There is nothing that God can’t do
I know
But this?
A child of His by me?

‘There is nothing that God cannot do’
Elizabeth said
As her gnarled old hands
Stroked her greying head
Her swollen belly proclaims the fact
That with his people he has made a pact
For He will never let us go
He says
I will bring my people back I will show
I l;ove them with all my heart
‘Now come Mary
Will you play your part?’

My heart is full of exultant praise
He fills each moment of nights and days.-


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