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Poetry Pleases: The Christmas Gift

A poem from Joyce Worsfold for this special day.

What would I like for Christmas?
Well! a sweater would be rather nice
Thereís some nice ones in Marks
and well worth the price
Or a nice warm scarf or a pair of gloves
or records or a real good book, or.........
Sorry, what did you say?
Youíd thought about a saviour
Youíre giving one away!
Well, I donít know
do I really need one
will it fit into my life?
I havenít got a lot of space
or a lot of time
Still if itís wrapped up nice
itíll be a welcome surprise
After all, itís the thought that counts
not the prize.
What? thereíll be no wrapping paper
it will be in the raw
cold in the stable
wind blowing through the door,
Oh, well, if you say so
But even the smallest things are more acceptable
if prettily wrapped
and you said it would be a tiny thing
and shiny paper, bright ribbons
would make it fit for a king..........
What do you mean, tiny at first?
You mean it will grow!
Listen, I donít want anything that will disrupt
or make a noise
I donít want anything that will interfere with my freedom of choice
My life is organised and tidy
thereís a joint on Sunday and bingo on Friday
Will this Saviour fit in with all that?
Christmas is a time of enjoyment
not for being knocked flat
No violence or prejudice, everything in itís place
Colour? Well it would be white of course
with a gently smiling face.
Anyway, whatís itís purpose?
Will it be of use?
Will it give happiness, ward off abuse?
Will it be a lucky charm?
Will it shelter me from harm?
What? it might bring me trouble
suffering and pain
It might make me look at everything again.
Look, leave me the presents and the tree
The mince-pies and the cake.
Leave me the carols and the children wide awake
Leave me the trappings and the frills,
Iíll have to think about the other,
the love that spills
the centre of all things within the candy coat
The essence of all meaning
the beginning of love and hope
Iíll have to ask myself............
am I ready for a saviour?



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