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Here's Alison: Disco Guy

Alison Ross writes of one of the saddest events in a child's life - the decision of a playboy father to leave the family.

When I was two
It seemed to me
My Dad was quite a man,
He milked the cows,
And fed the calves,
And worked upon the land.

He planned a life,
For child and wife,
And things
Were all in touch
He loved me,
And my Mummy
Very very much.

When I was three
It seemed to me
My Daddy was a king!
He taught me how to disco,
And he taught me how to sing.
He played his music everywhere
And it sometimes made me sad,
That I wasn’t old enough to go,
To discos with my Dad.

When I was four,
My Daddy left,
And went to live away,
And Mummy cried
And I cried too,
But Daddy didn’t stay.
He was just a playboy,
A swinging disco guy,
And he doesn’t love
My Mum and me,
No matter how we try!


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