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Poetry Pleases: Should We Like The Flower Be?

Miriam McAtee’s poem suggests that we should live life in innocence, gratefully, not trying to solve its mystery.

The little flower, petals folded still,
has sense but as yet no sight.
She is aware of the wonders without
but mystery for a while fills her days and nights.

What is the colour of the dew (pray tell me)
that calms and soothes at night:
Is it different from the rain
that sometimes pounds on me angrily?
What of the sun, the moon and the stars…….
what makes daylight so bright?

Who is it that touches and tickles flittingly
and sometimes hums a soft sweet melody?

(And oh! pray tell me) What colour am I?

Most marvellous and mysterious of all
What does the wind, my lover, look like?
He enfolds me in his sweetly scented arms;
to his tune he makes me sway and dance.
Does he change even as his melody changes all day long?

Is he soft-hued like the dew
when his embrace is gentle
or dark and damp like the rain
twirling me around dizzily again and again?

Please be gentle wondrous wind and rampaging rain!
I am but a little flower
who is yet to be
waiting impatiently
one day to unfold
Life’s mysteries that lie ahead of me.

And in a little while that sweet innocent bud will unfurl
revealing all her beauty;
She will then open herself to the Life that surrounds her –
the colour and form of the rain she fears,
the touch and scent of the wind she loves.

But sadly one day although she is not yet aware,
her beauty will fade, petals will droop and fall.
Her lover, the wind, will pick her up
and toss her in a brief farewell dance,
before, feckless as ever,
he will embrace and woo another.

And perhaps we should like that little flower be
Live Life in innocence, gratefully.
Not attempting to solve Life’s Mystery
But dance gracefully while we may
to Life’s fickle Melody.


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