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The Scrivener: Spangles And Sawdust - Part Ten

Brian Barratt concludes his 10-part series about his life-long love of circuses with a poem which he wrote when he was nine years old.
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At about the age or nine, I tried write a poem to express my love of circuses. Please turn a blind eye to its childish awkwardness.

The circus is an exciting place
It comes to our town every year,
With a clown who has a very white face
And the audience give him many a cheer.

The horse gallop round the ring,
While the lovely dressed ladies ride and sing.
The trapeze is a thrilling act
And all their tricks are intact.

The man who does the conjuring tricks
Goes by the name of Richard Ricks.
His tricks are all very clever
And must be hard to endeavour.

And now I leave with the greatest of sorrow
For the circus has to go tomorrow,
The acts are fixed in my mind,
Never such a good circus did I find.


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