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Tasmanian Words: Friend

Elsa recalls a teenage school friend from her days in Haifa.

We were living in Israel.
When I was fourteen years old.
I went to school in Haifa and learned to speak Hebrew.
My friend was a boy who was a year younger than me,
Who had black hair,
And soft dark eyes.
And who was nearly as tall as I was.
His name was David.
He was like a brother,
We did everything together.
I think he was my soul mate.
A year later my father moved us back to Holland.
I did not want to go and I swore I would come back one day.
But then after some time we stopped writing.
And we each went our own way.
He went in the army, And I went to Art school.
It's a long time ago now.
Sometimes I still think of him.
But it was not my destiny to have married him.


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