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Poetry Pleases: Silence

What a loud noise silence can make, says Trevor Ward.

Listen to the silence. What a loud noise it makes. Words are not spoken, and there is no sound to echo around all the noise that is not there.

This silence can be quite deafening when you try to lend your ear to what is not around. Hark! What do we hear? Nothing but the still of the emotions of life that have come to rest. The birds do not sing and bells do not ring. So what do we hear?.Not a single thing.

It is like roaming through a graveyard where all the souls are sleeping and mourners have done their weeping. The flowers hang their heads in silence. One knows not what they might think. We are not deaf, we do not weep. We simply try to get some sleep.

So lie down quietly and start to count the sheep, but count yourself in silence and then you may fall asleep.


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