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Here's Alison: The Engagement Party

Alison Ross writes a cheery poem about a farmer who ended up with a ring through his nose.

Write me a poem,
Cliff said to me,
About meeting Patrica
At Linda's party,

Well my memories flew back,
To that time, long ago,
When her fiancée arrived,
With ‘the farmer’ in tow,

"My friend has a farm
It goes straight up and down,
Out in the wop-wops
A long way from town!

Just cattle and sheep
On his perpendicular hill,
So I brought him along,
To give him a thrill"

So our girl did her part,
Introduced all her ‘cuz’
But Patricia said ‘Mine!’
Told her sisters to buzz!

She lead him straight over
To a big comfy chair
The party flowed round them,
As if they weren’t there!

Their arms round each other,
They cuddled and kissed,
He said‘ If this is town life
Oh Boy, what I’ve missed!’

Now cattle and sheep,
Are the least of his woes,
Cause that little town girl,
Put a ring through his nose!

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