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Here's Alison: The Hydroponic Male

When Alison Ross's brother had cancer she wrote this poem for him. After two operations he was fine, completely himself again, full of fun and able to have a good chuckle when he re-read his sister's words.

You’ve heard of the Venus- Fly-Trap
And you’ll know of the Aquarium Snail
But this species here,
Is something quite rare…
He’s a ‘Hydroponic Male’

We feed him on Manganese
Molybdenum and Nitrogen by the pound,
And we never forget his Phosphate
To make the lot go down.

We add a measure or two of Potassium
And a dram or two of Zinc,
While Calcium Copper and Boron
Puts him in the pink.

He’s suffered my friends
From root canker,
But they cut it away
At its source,
He’s now on the mend
And my dear friend,
He’s still a formidable force!


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