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Classical Composers A-Z: Vincent D'Indy

Peter Wintersgill introduces us to Vincent D’Indy, composer of five operas and numerous other works.

27th March, 1851, in Paris

Studied with Lavignac from 1865 and with Franck at Paris Conservatoire from 1872.

Adult Life
Founded the Schole Cantorum in 1894 for the study of church music. Became the percussionist and later chorus master of the Cologne Concerts. Being very keen on Wagner, he encouraged the use of his music, as well as that of Debussy, Monteverdi, Rameau, Gluck and J.S. Bach. He toured abroad a lot studying and conducting folk songs. He also wrote books, including a biography of Franck.

Other works include five operas and two symphonies as well as sundry piano and chamber works.

He died 2nd December, 1931, in Paris, aged 80.


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