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Here's Alison: Happiness Is...

Alison Ross's verses go straight to the heart of true happiness.

Happiness is

The pansy eyes of a new born foal,
Dew wet roses in a flower bowl

An apologetic lick from a naughty pup
Who ate my favorite slipper up

Itís seeing your children grow tall and straight
Secure in the love of their chosen mate

Itís the smell of a book thatís quite brand new
White clouds sailing in a sky of blue

The scent of a paddock of new mown hay
And a sunset blushing in clouds of gray

Itís the clasp of your hand as I cross the road
Itís having your help to carry the load

Itís a kind word spoken when Iím feeling blue
But mostly itís sharing my life with you

Knowing that when the chips are all down
That you my Darling will still be around.


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