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Poetry Pleases: On An Unknown Great Granddaughter

This given child lives in my heart and mind
Yet all her fate is silence.

Ronnie Bray mourns the loss of a great-granddaughter who was given away.

I do not know her name or where she stays,
Only that she was born, then givín away.

Babe of my flesh and blood, bone of my bones,
Passed on to one whom I shall never know
Too fast for me to hold or see her glow.

Her hair, her face, do they look as mine do?
Are her eyes green like mine or baby blue?
Has she my nose, my lips, my ears, my hands,
Will she love words, art, dogs and silver bands?

This given child lives in my heart and mind;
Yet all her fate is silence. How unkind
Is life at times when choices made conspire
To steal a babe new-sent from heavenís fire,
And bring such anguish to her Great-Grandsire.

Copyright © 2006 Ronnie Bray



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