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U3A Writing: Sam At The Seaside

Gill Laurence tells the story of a little boy who finally decides that the seaside is a nice place to be.

Sam was cross. It was cold, and the sky was quite black. It looked as though the rain would come down again at any minute.

The seaside should not be like this. It should have a lovely blue sky and a big yellow sun. And Sam ought to be able to run on the warm sand without his shoes. And his pink toes should make funny marks on the sand.

Now, instead of his smart new bathing shorts with dinosaurs on them, he had to wear his old anorak and his Wellington boots. Sam was VERY cross.

He kicked at the wet pebbles at the edge of the sea. “Ow!” he said, as he kicked a big pebble too hard and hurt his toe. Sam was EXTREMELY cross.

He had been so excited about coming on holiday to the seaside with Mummy and Daddy and little sister Jenny. But they had been here three days already, and it had done nothing but rain, rain and rain. They had a fine caravan right by the beach, but so far there was nothing nice to look at, only the big scary waves going swish, swish, swish.

And at night he found it hard to get to sleep because the rain thumped on the roof of the caravan and the wind made it sway about.

To make matters worse, little sister Jenny had a bad cold today and had to stay in bed. Mummy had to stay with her, which meant Sam only had Daddy to play with. And Daddy was a bit grumpy too and said it was too cold for Sam to have an ice cream from the little blue hut with the flag on it.

Sam was EVEN MORE cross. He was so cross that he stamped his feet and made a great splashing, ‘Well,’ he thought, ‘I suppose the sea is more fun than a puddle,’ and he stamped again as hard as he could

Just then he saw a little black and white dog running towards him. The little dog started splashing in the sea beside him. ‘I think he want me to play with him,’ thought Sam.

A little girl in a yellow waterproof and yellow Wellington boots came running after the little dog. “Come out of the sea, Patch,” she called, “you’re getting all wet.”

The little dog shook himself and water went all over Sam. The children played at chasing each other along the beach, and the little dog jumped up and down beside them.

Sam felt very warm indeed now. He took off his anorak and gave it to his father to look after. Sam felt warmer and warmer, and when he looked up at the sky, he saw the yellow sun beginning to peep through the clouds.

When Sam woke up the next morning, the sky was blue and the sun was shining. He put on his new dinosaur shorts and ran along the beach in his bare feet to find Emma and the little dog.

And Sam was NOT AT ALL cross today.

“Now this is the right sort of seaside holiday,” he said, “and I think I’d like to stay here forever.


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