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Poetry Pleases: You Are Gone

My heart shuts an iron gate
The daily color is black...

This poem by Mary Clemons concerns the unwelcomed bleakness of being alone.

The morning comes with purrs and nudges,
Cold noses and meows
I answer feline demands.

The clock’s flashing numbers remind me
Of responsibilities and duties
Co-workers greet my return.

Daylight is consumed by routine,
Appointments and meetings
Devour the hours.

Silent, dark, the house waits
Yawning as I turn the key
Emptiness engulfs me.

Loneliness captures my soul
Undaunted by the lounging feline bodies
The night hours linger.

Frigid and unyielding the bed looms,
No soft snores, no arms to comfort
Not welcomed, sleep evades me.

No other will be allowed to enter;
My heart shuts an iron gate
The daily color is black.

You are gone.


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