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Here's Alison: Brendon And The Easter Eggs

Oh those delcious Easter eggs! And naughty Brendon ate two of them, when he should only have eaten one. Alison Ross writes a tasty poem for this Easter weekend

I’m taking Time Out in my room
Where Mummy told me to stay
I’m waiting here for my Dad
And I’m wondering what he will say?

I’m hiding ‘neath my bedclothes
Cause I’ve been so naughty today
I pigged out on my Easter eggs
Oh, what will Daddy say?

Well Daddy came and found me
Said, “We must talk my son
You ate two Easter eggs you know
When Mummy said just one

"Now what would you do?” he asked me
“If you were in my place?”
“I’d punish me, Dad,“ I told him
"I’m really in disgrace.''

Well Daddy thought it over
Said “This is what we’ll do
Your computer’s out of bounds
Now that should punish you!

Your Grand Prix game can not be played
You know that’s fair my son.”
I wish that I had listened
When Mummy said “Just One”

“When will I know my Time is up?''
I asked my Daddy then
“When the clock strikes twelve,'' he said
“Time Out is finished Bren”


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