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U3A Writing: Conversation With An Angel

…Well, how did you start off in the angel business?… Shirley Long has fun imagining a conversation with an angel.

I have never been this close to an angel before. Can I ask you something?

Certainly. Ask whatever you want to know.

Well, how did you start off in the angel business?

The senior angel assigned me to my duties long ago, and I have been doing them ever since.

Do you like being an angel?

It is the greatest joy for me, because I have such a wonderful Boss, and all the other angels are great to work with. We are doing what the Boss wants us to do, and what could be better than that?

Do you flap your wings and fly around everywhere all the time?
If you look closely, you'll see we don't have wings like boat sails. We don't need them to go from place to place. The Boss says "Go," and we go at His Word.

It sounds pretty weird to me.

Why? Because I am not like you've seen in pictures of imagined angels? Because I am not wearing a long nightie-like garment and don't have two immense wings on my back?
Wel-I-I. Partly. I must admit you don't look like I've always imagined angels would be. You're so big for one thing.
Oh! You thought all angels were like those fat little naked cherubs with tiny wings-little babies you've seen in pictures? Well pal, we certainly aren't little or naked.

No, so I've noticed. Why does the Boss go in for such big chaps like you? Are you his bodyguard?

No, no, no. For one thing, our Boss doesn't need a bodyguard. He is perfectly able to look after himself, and angels are big-very big, because one of our duties is protection. Often the senior angel sends us out on a protection job. We enjoy that. It is good to know that we are keeping someone safe, especially children. We enjoy working with children, and teenagers are a special joy.

What situations would bring a call for your assistance?
We do a lot of night jobs. Many folk can't settle down to sleep unless they know an angel is there with them, on guard and ready for any attacks, especially from memories, which try to haunt the night-time hours.

You mentioned children before, and teenagers. What would they need you for?

Well, they are especially vulnerable to a variety of enemies, and because of their youth, they usually haven't developed their own defences, and they need us to stand between them and temptation and help them to be strong at difficult times.
Is that all the work you do?

Not at all. We are often sent out on emergency work. An unexpected situation can arise and a call goes out for our help. We are on duty continually. Time, as you know it, is non-existent for us. We just flow from one duty to another, always joyous that we are doing what the Boss has ordained for us to do. It is the most fulfilling work and we like to do all we can to please the Boss. I hope I have helped you to a clearer understanding of us and what we do.

Yes, thank you so much for your patience with me.


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