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Poetry Pleases: Love Poem - Kaapse Style

Here is a delicious poem submitted by Eddie Joffe, an expatriate South African living in London.

Valentine, Oh Valentine,
I smaak you stukkend, say you'll be mine.
You're my morning, my sunshine, my moon and my stars,
You're my air-freshener from the O.K. Bazaars.

You're my beaded love-letter, my breeze in the night,
You're my coffee, my Cremora, my Blitz firelight.
You're my Crime-Stop, my Tracker, you're my AZT,
My pap, Mrs Ball's chutney, my Nando's for free.

You're my lamb-chop, my dewdrop, my partner in crime,
My chillie, my pepper, my vetkoek sublime.
The list is endless end is nog nie al
You're my Lotto, my jackpot, my dop and my zol.

You're my 4x 4 when the road is so hilly,
You're my Floro Margarine that butters my mielie.
I smaak you, my poppie, so please be my wife, 'cause,
Baby, you're the Tomato Sauce on the slap chips of life!


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