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Bonzer Words!: Sun Worshippers

Frank Dawson writes a poem about the greatest artist - the sun.

Frank writes for Bonzer! magazine. Vist www.bonzer.org.au and enjoy many more good words.


At the epilogue of the day,
with the silkiest
camel-hair brush money can buy,
the sun paints each cloud with gentle touch
a translucent pink here,
an esoteric shade there
the tints slowly blending,
until the sky is no longer blue,
a succinct evidence offered
as witness to the veneration of the golden orb
until the tints of color are as transparent
as that seen in light through fragile egg shells,
slowly fading into oblivion.
The gods appeased,
the worshippers awed,
the sky returns to orthodoxy,
leaving only a residue of remembered colors.
as nature pulls down the drapery of darkness,
at that point in time,
before the sun concludes its daily course,
there is an expectant hush as a benediction is pronounced,
a rosary piously, bead by bead, recited,
while sun-worshippers genuflect,
leaving the sacred scene in mystic wonder.

Frank Dawson


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