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Here's Alison: The Good Witches Of Waihi

Alison Ross benefits from the treatment meted out by the good witches of Waihi.

You may think it very odd
Midst all the hurt and pain
To hear that I would cheerfully
Go to "that place" once again.

In spite of all the lectures
On what you "shouldn’t do".
You get this funny feeling
That they "care" for you.

They have some queer contraptions,
Machines with little cups
That bring you from the lowest downs
To the highest ups.

You even get a feeling
You could go and run a block
But its really only witchcraft
They’ve filled you up full-chock.

They make you do some push-ups
On a tiny narrow bed
While you get a hot back
From the heat lamp overhead.

Then there’s other exercises
"Spells" wrapped in disguise
That make you come alive again
At least in your own eyes.

So if you want to find them
These Good Witches of Waihi
The sign above their door does read


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