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Here's Alison: The Joys Of Grass

Grass may be a modest plant, but Alison Ross's poem reminds us that it can be the fount of great joy.

Have you ever lain in a grassy field
Or under a spiralling pine?
While your fingers clutched the mossy grass
And you thought… "It’s mine, all mine"

Have you ever breathed the fragrance
Of grass washed clean after rain?
Seen a rainbow start and a rainbow end?
Such beauty and such pain!

Have you ever searched amongst the grass
Checking each leaf over?
Knowing that your luck will change
When you find your four leaf clover?

Have you seen long grass on a windy day
Rippling filled with light?
Like a shot-taffeta dress in a love scene
Dancing in the night!

Have you ever listened closely
With your ear pressed low?
To the chatter and chirp of insects
As they bustle to and fro?

It’s a world within a world
Where only some can go
The Lilliput land of grass
Where every heart can grow.


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