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U3A Writing: A Good Try

“What if I had a heart attack,’ pilot Bill asks his wife. ‘How would you handle the situation?’ Her answer, in this story by Leila Straub, will make you chuckle.

The weather report for the day was very good. Bill decided it to be an excellent opportunity to take his wife flying. She was not a confident flyer, so he thought it time for her to learn what his delightful plane could do, and to show her there was no need to be afraid of it.

After one hour of flying he told her to take hold of the controls, as it was her turn to fly the machine.

‘No way,’ she said.

He told her if she learnt to fly she would lose her fear of it.

She politely told him she was quite happy to sit and watch the clouds go by.

What if I had a heart attack,’ he said, ‘how would you handle the situation?’ ‘

‘Well,’ she said, ‘I would simply pick up the microphone and say two heart attacks on the way down.’

He answered, ‘I give up on you.’


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