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Thoughts From The Coast: Doing Nothing Or Doing Something

What if Britain's politicians were given a sabbatical year off, muses Jackie Mallinson? During the interval the Houses of Parliament could be put to good use.

In this backwater of a town one can start the day with a quiet stroll by the sea, enjoying a contemplative hour. It can be idyllic. There is the opportunity to stand and stare, which is good for the soul.

However it is difficult to get the mind to stop its engagement with issues that are beyond one’s control. There is the the temptation to reorganise the world, especially that part of it dedicated to politics.

This morning the following thoughts came back to me. Years ago, on hearing a friend say that the Government should do something, I suggested that that could be very dangerous. Before long, if everyone’s pet cause was taken up, we would end up doing nothing.

During my contemplative walk I decided that every politician should be given a sabbatical year, all of them at the same time, spending the days in their constituencies. There would be no legislation during this period. It could be a sociological exercise to see whether doing nothing is as successful as doing something.

During this interval the Houses of Parliament could be put to good use. They would prove a very acceptable venue for the performing arts. Circuses, operas, jazz bands, plays... A performance of Look Back In Anger might be appropriate.

On which note I leave you to consider your own Parliamentary productions.


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