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Bonzer Words!: Fog

Frank Dawson writes a poem in praise of fog.

Frank writes for Bonzer! magazine. For lots more enjoyable reading visit www.bonzer.org.au

I praise the fog
for all its mystery,
for the quiet of the land
and the somberness it brings
on every hand.

I praise the fog
for its subtle softening
of all the blemishes it feigns to hide
in an overwise beloved scene.

The busyness is hushed
as the fog absorbs into itself
all that hitherto would mar.
The buildings that protrude
become but ghostly shapes,
and all they suggest within
is brought briefly to nothingness.

Too soon the fog shall lift
and once more we shall hear
the world which for a momentary spell,
was lost from sense and view
when quietness was cherished in our minds.

Frank Dawson


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