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U3A Writing: How Our Grandparents Coped

Mrs J Hewitt, of U3A Shoalhaven Third Age Learning, Australia, writes that a group meets regularly to discuss how their grandparents coped with life. Here are just a few of their reminiscences.

* The gauze box into which meat was placed, as there were no refrigerators.

* The vegie-man, the milko and the baker who called at the door.

* “Poor man’s honey” – also known as “Cocky’s Joy”. Better known to us now as Golden Syrup. Delicious on Grandma’s scones! Grandma also made her own butter.

* The grandma who could neither read nor write, but who had her own system for making sure that she paid a fair price for bread. She would hitch up the horse, have it drag a log down to the local baker’s where she would cut the log into pieces just the right size for the baker’s oven. The deal negotiated was – one log one loaf of bread.

* The 1930’s flour bags that were washed and made into underwear.

* The large roll of material purchased from “the man from Sydney” from which the family’s clothes were made for five years.


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