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Poetry Pleases: Peace

…One dreads to hear that might
Has gained another victory…

Moira Marchant’s poem is as topical today as it would have been in any other age.

O Peace, hast thou forsaken this troubled earth
And left behind thee chaos, ruin, strife?
When man sees fellow man pass out of life,
Sees cities crumble in the dust, and mirth,
Her form dissembled in a misty veil,
Lies hidden and forgotten. As the night
Comes into dawn, one dreads to hear that might
Has gained another victory to bewail.
In this wide earth is there not one who can
By words or force bring to a mad world sanity,
Thereby to be revered by immortality?
Is Peace lost, has one to fight again,
Or is it merely hidden to be reborn
And blossom forth as flowers on a spring morn?


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