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Poetry Pleases: Summer Soltice - (With Apologies To Stonehenge)

Paul Brickell, with a chuckle in his rhymes, tells how the summer solstice came by its name.

Now Eric was a Druid.
And so was his mate Pete.
They had no food or money.
But the shortage they would beat.

“We’ve tried to make it honest,''
Pete said with heartfelt sigh.
“So lets try something different,
let’s try a little lie.''

“You know that pile of stones up there,
the ones that Mad Sol built,
Some people think they’re holy,
We’ll cash-in on their guilt.''

“We’ll have a great big day each year,
Mid-summer is the one.
We’ll call it something special,
Forsooth we will have fun.''

Eric thought that this could work
if the story had no holes
Cus people liked to woo the Gods
And would pay to save their souls.

“To keep the owner happy,
we’ll give him your old sow
and name the big day after him.
‘Sols Stones’ will do for now.''

So Pete and Eric travelled far
To tell of their big day
and arranged for food and frolics
and booths where folks could pay.

All heard of ‘Summer Sols Stones’
But not all got it right
And many different names were told
But on the day this was no blight.

The day was nice and sunny
The alter stone all saw
Had sunlight beaming on it
And people gasped in awe.

So Pete and Eric did it.
The cash came rolling in
And every year it happened.
With people freed from sin.

The name of Pete and Eric’s day
‘Summer Sols Stones’ at the start.
With time has slowly changed to be.
Summer Solstice, cross my heart.


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