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Thoughts From The Coast: A Return To Jazz

Jackie Mallinson, eager to belt out her versions of Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald songs, anticipates a happy blend of sun, sea, sand – and jazz.

One would not readily think of jazz when contemplating a trip to the seaside. Sailing boats, windsurfers…yes. But not jazz.
I do remember going on a trip up and down the Thames, with a Jazz band playing into the small hours, but I am not aware that anything like that has ever happened in our south coast resort.

In the past, while living in Yorkshire, there were often visits to hear this music. The Station at Huddersfield was a favourite venue.

Down here on the coast we now have a venue in Beach Road where jazz enthusiasts can enjoy an evening of food and music. The opening of this venue coincided with a jazz workshop which I attended, hoping to be able to sing. We all can sing in the bathroom, which I often do. My Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald are quite appreciated by family and friends.

It turned out that the workshop was to be held in the garage of a very nice man. I was welcomed, then I sat for most of the evening just listening to the music.

Eventually I had enough courage to get up and sing. I wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t good either. But this was a taster. The old pleasure has returned. Family and neighbours can now hear me practicing.

Sun, sea, sand and jazz.. Bring it on.


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