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U3A Writing: Bring Back The Delivery Man

Bring back the delivery man, says Fay White, longing for former days.

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I think I would have liked it, back in Grandma's day,
when foodstuffs were delivered and in your home you'd stay.

Now we battle traffic and search then for a park,
hoping to find one, before it gets real dark.

Getting in is easy, with automatic doors,
and music to relax you, while wandering round the floors.

I hope you had your Weetbix before you had your shower,
to separate the trolleys takes lots of muscle power!

Good luck is needed to find one that will truly run,
If it goes South, when you head North, that's not any fun!

Shops, they have a clever ploy and move their stuff around,
so you go home with new stuff that you have surely found.

Then you have to wait for hours, to get out of the place,
near magazines announcing scandal, with this week's 'famous' face.

There's motivational articles, exercise and self improvement.
Can it be done in queues? They even show the movement.

"Are you in pain dear?" a grey-haired gentle query,
as I clenched my buttocks and my eyes they go all bleary.

"Try working on your posture, imagine you are Elle."
What, holding these six toilet rolls and frozen peas as well?

Grandma would have been home relaxing with a lovely cup of tea, while I droop in the queue, just waiting to be free.

At last it is my turn, I'm closer to the door, when the assistant says "I'm closed. Try checkout number four!"

Well that one had a problem, something would not scan,
then finally it's my turn, behind that grumpy man.

"How much are these?" The assistant starts to shout,
as I cringe behind the checkout, my secret now is out!

They say that it is progress, these Bank Cards and the Mall,
but there's a lot to be said in favour of a delivery man on call.


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