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U3A Writing: Hide And Seek

Mo Baker remembers the days of Hide and Seek, and best clothes on Sundays.

The memories I have of my childhood are very happy. We had a large garden where we played Hide and Seek and always seemed to have lots of other children in to play. We grew all our own vegetables and kept chickens right at the top. Many a time I have sat on the cement at the back of the house shelling peas and beans for Saturday dinner, the sun always seemed to be shining at that time.

Sunday was always taken up with chapel in the morning and Sunday school in the afternoon, with our best shoes and clothes on all day. After tea, in the summer, we usually had a walk with our parents across the fields. Meeting lots of families we knew.

We only had one outing in the summer, which was with the Sunday school to Barry Island, where we were given a shilling to spend and treated to tea in the Merrie Friar restaurant. How we enjoyed that day.

Christmas was always very exciting with a small tree all decorated, with a few small parcels on it for us. Our presents, on Christmas morning, usually consisted of a game, an annual and a jigsaw. We also had one of mother's stockings filled with small items and always an orange and nuts at the bottom. After the Christmas dinner, which my Grandparents, Uncle and Aunt came to, we had to sit very quiet to listen to the King's speech on the radio, which I always thought was very boring.

My other memory is of the time when we had an evacuee from Dover. She stayed until the end of the war and was like another sister. We did not hear from her for twenty-four years, then, out of the blue she turned up on our doorstep with her husband and has since kept in touch by visiting us every year.

Happy days!


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