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Jo'Burg Days: On Listening To The Evening News With Attention Momentarily Distracted

There’s news happening just around the corner and you don’t know it, as Barbara Durlacher reveals.

“What was that? Sorry, please repeat.”

“No, still can’t hear what you’re saying. It’s these damn helicopters, they’ve been buzzing around for hours. The clattering is deafening.”

“Eddie, come over here. See if you can catch what this woman’s saying. Those damned helicopters are making such a din, I can’t hear a word.”

“That was quick. Did you manage to catch what she wanted?”

“Oh well, suppose she’ll ring again if it’s important.”

“Doesn’t really matter, though. So many of these calls are just a waste of time. I’m going off now for my lunch. Do you want me to pick up anything while I’m at the shops?”

“Ahhh, that’s better, much quieter now the choppers have gone. D’you fancy a whiskey? I’ve got some stashed away in the filing cabinet. A quick one, just to stop the buzzing in your head, and you won’t mind if I kick off my shoes and put my feet up on the desk, will ya??”

“Nice sunset, just look at those clouds, probably rain tonight.”

“Six robbers hidden in a ceiling entered the bank today and held staff members hostage, locking them into the vault. A female security officer attempted to summon help, but was shot by the robbers close to the steel security door. An unknown amount in cash, traveller’s cheques and jewellery was stolen.

Special Service forces abseiled from helicopters, entering through the roof. Seven staff members were killed when the charge set by the robbers exploded, blowing the metre thick steel door off its hinges.”


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