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Poetry Pleases: The Kyle Line

James A Christmas writes a poem about a Scottish rail journey.

From Inverness at half past four
The train departs from western shore,
A four-hour run before us lies
With time to view both sea and skies.
The day is fair, the sun is bright,
The sky is blue and the wind is light.
Past Dingwall, first stop on the line.
The attendant calls, ‘It’s time to dine,
But if you wish to see the view,
The tea I’ll bring along to you.
The scene from here is better far
Than you’ll get from the dining car.’
Past Achanalt and Achnasheen,
Beauty spots which few have seen.
We gaze with wonder at the view
That opens up as the train goes through
And thoughts to those who work each day
To keep us safe on the permanent way.
Kyle sees our journey’s end.
Sad to say, we leave and send
Cards to those we love most dear,
‘Marvellous trip, wish you were here.’
We board the boat and sail to Skye
Enjoying the perfect holiday.


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