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Here's Alison: Up One-Tree Hill

Once when Alison Ross was in hospital she met the mother of Sam Hunt, the famous New Zealand poet. This poem resulted from the chance encounter.

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Sam Hunt's Mum
Has gone to the chapel
Perhaps to give thanks
I do not know…

Where, I wonder, is Sam Hunt?
Is he walking up the Waioeka?
Over round warm stones, his dog
Dancing in the diamond studded water?

Maybe he walks the misted coastline
On hard flat sand?
While driftwood gargoyles
Guard the entry to civilization?

But Sam Hunt may have flown to the city
Pounding the suddenly-summer pavements
Littered with many broken dreams.
But I’d like to think, that Sam Hunt,
If he’s here at all
May have fast-footed the parklands
Climbed up thro’ the trees
Crossed the bitimasic escalator
Up to the single tree.
Where perhaps, he may have found
His own
Chapel on the hill.


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