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Here's Alison: Bay Of Plenty Times

Alison Ross puts in a breezy recommendation for local independence.

Now the Bay of Plenty Times
Cannot be bought in Waihi
Cause they tell me the Bay only starts
At Athenree by the sea.

So I listen to 1XH
For the Waikato weather report
They’re mentioning Paeroa and Thames
But for us over here there is naught.

Perhaps I think with a glimmer
Coromandel has us in tow
But from what I read in the Hauraki Herald
The answer is definitely ‘No’.

So if we don’t belong anywhere
We should capitalize on this mate
And form our wee town of Waihi
Into a miniature State.

With stamps of the pump house, for sale
And a tollgate set up at Queens Head
And never more pay any taxes
Or we’ll shoot our President quite dead.


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