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Spanish Secrets: Lost Luggage

…Long hot days drift effortlessly into relaxing weeks. Time floats by almost unnoticed…

Craig Briggs enjoys Galicia’s tranquil summer months – and the freedom to live as he chooses.

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Comfortable hazy mornings transform quickly into bright, hot, sunny days. These lazy, stress-free days, flow effortlessly into warm light evenings. Eventually the reluctant sun succumbs to the darkness of night, but not before it has stretched our waking hours into the early morning. Long hot days drift effortlessly into relaxing weeks. Time floats by almost unnoticed.

It’s difficult to remember the crisp cold mornings of winter when thick frosts covered the ground creating an icy-white carpet. Lifeless vegetation and the dull shades of winter are a distant memory. The long hot days of summer seem to have been with us forever.

Four years ago we carefully packed all our worldly belongings in preparation for our move to Spain and our search for a relaxing and creative lifestyle. Each packing case was clearly marked with its contents and numbered to prioritise its transportation to Spain. Everything unwanted or unnecessary was either gifted to charity or dumped at the council tip.

The most important items travelled in the car with us. Everything else found a home in my dad’s loft. Once settled into our new life in rural Spain we intended to transport the remainder. To this day there’s still a significant stash of chattels gathering dust under my dad’s dark eaves. What seemed important to us four years ago has lost its appeal.

Perhaps in years to come, I’ll clamber into my dad’s loft, blow away the dust, peel back the fading brown sealing tape and unearth a long forgotten treasure. There are some things I wasn’t aware I’d packed away, but I’m extremely glad I did. These items included impatience, intolerance, irritation, urgency, pressure, strain, anxiety, worry, stress. I’m happy to think that this weighty, sometimes overpowering baggage has been lost in transit or is waiting in lost-luggage never to be reclaimed.

Recently I was asked, “What do you do with your time.”

I paused for a moment and contemplated. I began enlightening my inquisitor. The list seemed endless but in truth one phrase would have sufficed.

“Whatever I choose.”

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