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Poetry Pleases: Lunch

A solitary sentinel prepares for his midday meal…
Innocent lunch swims towards him….

Jean Cowgill looks out across the estuary, one of Nature's lunch tables.

In the estuary the tide turns.
A solitary sentinel prepares for his midday meal.
He pads camel-like across the sands.
A deepening channel hints of incoming tide.
Innocent lunch swims towards him.
Sharp eyes search out provender, his beak submerges,
the head straightens skyward to aid digestion.
This process is repeated in a quickened pulse of need.
In anything but a heron it would seem frenzied.
The channel widens; a depleted shoal moves upstream.
Ungainly flight carries the grey-friar back
over the reed beds, across the lagoon,
to an afternoon spent in meditation
on the branch of a dead ash tree.

© Jean Cowgill exercise in 100 word prose/poem


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