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Thoughts From The Coast: Past Pleasures

Jackie Mallinson, in England's hot, hot summer, sees today's fun at the seaside while remembering past happy times.

The sunshine is here. The roads and car parks are full to overflowing. Saturday by the sea side. The cars tip out families. Toddlers, with buckets and spades, legging it across the green, knowing sea ,sand and stones are there waiting for them. Fathers struggle with folded chairs, towels, cold-bags, while the mothers cope with the children.

An older boy is not sure he wants to be here. A man carries five ice creams which are melting onto his hands. He tries to lick the ice cream off while keeping a good pace back to waiting youngsters.

There's crab fishing lines, footballs, kites, and traffic, always traffic, drivers looking for somewhere to park.

Warnings of sunburn. Sunshades put up while youngsters strip before racing for the sea. It was hot in the car, but now they are free. Anxious mother “Wait for me”.

Scenes here at the coast which race me back to days of childhood, of my own children and grandchildren. Beach days.
Last night a walk on the prom. On the sea a pathway to the moon. Young people, small groups barbecuing on the beach. A few couples, hand in hand.

Some aspects of the coast have changed. With good sunshine, much is the same.

My childhood here abounded with freedom - to swim the river, or roam on the river bank. Late night swimming beneath the moon, out to the tethered raft. Romance, hand-in-hand, bare feet in the sand.

Oh those lovely Fifties!

A line from a song comes back...I looked at the track, the one going back….
The young me, back then.

What strikes me now is that no matter which decade we look back on we remember similar past pleasures.


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