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U3A Writing: Pencraft

"So take up your pen,'' says Kay Savage. "See what you can achieve when you harness its power.''

Take up your pen…and feel the powers
It has to brighten your empty hours,
To distil your thoughts from a garbled mess;
Or transfer them all with a soft caress
To whatever paper or pad you choose.
It may create fiction, or pass on news.
It can keep you in touch, in the old-fashioned way,
With a note full of cheer for a loved one’s day.

With a willing heart, it might pen a list
Of groceries; appointments; important things missed.
The pen doesn’t mind. It will write what you will,
Be it high-brow, or earthy, or even landfill.
Your biro, quite frankly, plain just doesn’t care.
Whatever the words, it was you put them there.
And it might be worth noting, a pen cannot spell.
The errors reflected are all yours as well.

But these are mere trifles. There is no other tool
That personifies brilliance or shows up the fool
Quite as clearly as writing. With a pen in his hand,
Man has gone to the moon; won the votes of his land.
He has conquered vast mysteries; created new tales;
Destroyed many trees. He has saved many whales;
So take up a pen…In the space of one hour
See what you can achieve when you harness its power.


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