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Poetry Pleases: There Was This Road

Jane Williams's beautiful poem is steeped in the anguish of losing the most important person in her life.

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There was this road,
Linear, one-dimensional,
On the flat surface of the map,
Each feature plotted with a symbol.
You can't get lost, you'd said.

Yet easy to lose your head in the giddy heat
Of that summer's glaring sun, burning bare arms
And feet, soles sore on melting tarmac.

Maps give no warning of the sensual delight of
Toes in the cool ooze of mud, the icy river, that chilling
Hesitation on the brink; the leap, the pale nakedness
Of swimming.

Never could direct you to the pleasant sound of sheep
The descanting bleat of lambs, murmuring bees. Your voice.
Or show the scarlet shine on cherries,
Or plot our laughter where we sat together
Beside the river and spat out the stones.
Your touch. My smile. Larksong.

There was this road,
Marked clearly on the map.
You can't get lost, you'd said.
You were wrong.


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