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U3A Writing: A Man's Ode To His Car

Does a man own his car, or does the car own the man? Guy Roberts's poem brings a witty answer to that question.

This is my car and pray I must
That never will it be shamed by dust
Though it serves me well, I am it's servant
As noticed by those who are that much observant

A thing of beauty in my domain
I feel it my duty to make it quite plain
Whilst I still have the strength and am able to do so
I'll care for it just as a girl does her trousseau

Should all around me suffer demolish
I shall always give it that final polish
And standing back to survey such art
I shall feel a swelling inside my heart

And when I'm long gone to my Heavenly rest
I'll look down on that object of unstinted zest
And over it's beauty my spirit will soar
With a sad little sigh that I'll polish no more.


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