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Poetry Pleases: An Urge For Peace

There is, sadly, an urgency about Guy Roberts's poem, even though it was written six years ago to mark the beginning of a new millenium.

There is great hope in this dear Nation
That every child will live a life of peace
But we all must show a firm determination
To never again the Dogs of War release

Where once we led the World in domination
And claimed an Empire of defeated lands
We have given all the World some inspiration
By returning these Dominions once held in British hands

We realise at last, in war there is no glory
The closing century leaves us a grim repeating Roll
Of brave youth; who lived so short a chapter of life's story
The missing generations for whom the silent bell will ever Toll

The Baton now is handed to the rising generation; the race to run
To take advantage of successes and of errors we have made
Let them strive to be successful, firm and honest, and have fun
And honour their Forebears who for their bright future, many lives were paid

The new Millennium will see vast changes in countries and their station
All Peoples will seek more health and wealth; let humanity keep apace
As once the tribes combined to form our counties; the basics of our Nation
So will countries merge with countries and race will blend with race

Distance will be minimised and comfort in travel increase
A common language will help to ease suspicion and mistrust
For our neighbours we shall have respect and bigotry will cease
And the Swords not turned to Ploughshares will be buried in the dust

This all may seem a fairy tale until we pause and think
How intelligence has overcome much ignorance and shame
How often the Apocalyptic Horse has been reigned in at the brink
But we must have Leaders able, the Dogs of War, to tame.


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