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Yorkshire Dialect: Bucketful Of Ideas

Yar Ethel is chunterin ovver breakfast ageean, this tahm abaht a coil bucket.

Mike Shaw brings another fine domestic tale in Broad Yorkshire, a dialect which is music to many a dweller in the County of Broad Acres (and that includes me Peter Hinchllife, OW Editor).

Jack Bamforth an' me wer daan i' Milnsbridge t' other mornin' 'cos Ah wanted a new coil bucket an' ther's a reight gooid 'ardware shop theer.

Yar Ethel 'ad been grumblin' abaat yar owd bucket for monny a week an' wen t' bottom fell aat Ah 'ad ter do summat abaat it.
"Tha'r allis t' same," shoo chuntered ovver breakfast. "Nowt gets done i' yar haas until ther's a calamity."

"Well, Ah reckon t' bucket ud 'a lasted a bit longer if tha 'adn't filled it sooa full," Ah replahd.

"Theer tha gooas ageean," sed Ethel. "It's allis sumdy else ter blame, nivver thee."

Onnyrooad, Ah set off ter t' Brig an' met Jack on t' rooad, sooa we went daan tergether an' Ah popped inta t' shop fer a bucket.

On us way back up th' 'ill we spotted Bob Hirst, one of us mates fra t' club, an' 'is lad standin' aatsahde a haas wi' a ladder.

"Tha'r laikin away terday an' reight," Ah towld Bob. "Ah 'ope tha's getten thi map wi' thee, else tha'll be looisin' thi way."
"Nay, we'll nooan do that," 'e replahd. "We cum daan 'ere ivvery fortneet ter wesh windas. At 3 a haas it pays for a pahnt or two."

"Aye, that's a bit of awlreight," Ah sed, as Jack an' me went on us way an' gate ter yar haas jist in tahme fer us mornin' pot o' teea.

Ethel wer tickled pink wen shoo saw me wi't' new bucket, an' shoo wer jist baan ter grab it off me wen Ah towld 'er: "Owd on a bit, Ah think Ah've an owd wooden box in t' garden shed at'll do fer t' coil.

"Ah've been thinkin', an' if Jack an' me gooa inta business as winda cleeaners we shull need t' new bucket. But Ah reckon we'll sooin be able ter get thee another aat o' t' profits!"


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