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Poetry Pleases: Evilution

Darwin coined the theory of evolution, but now mankind has created evilution, says Lee Cohen.

A great man many years ago found
On the origins of man a theory
His thoughts were truly quite profound
But a number of people were wary
His ideas on Evolution
Were seemingly rather good
It presented a kind of solution
And much more was understood.
His theory rendered Darwin quite famous
But of our own theory what would he say?
We've brought about Evil that should shame us
And heavily daily we pay.
The theory that we have created
Is filled to the brim with pollution
Our egos have become so inflated
And our theory is just EVILUTION
We`re clothed in it from head to toe
Draped with envy and greed
We do not allow any goodness to flow
And our sins we do not even heed.
We`ve poisened our soil and ruined its life
But yet we expect returns
We wish to be helped in trouble and strife
Why is it man never learns.
People are starving in many lands
While others grow affluent and fat
Frequently one hears of "charitable hands"
But most often it`s just left at that!
Jealousy hovers around in abundance
Producing a bitter refrain
Our world is leaning towards a redundance
And in time well become a mere grain!
Where are we going? How will it end?
Will the light dawn before its too late?
Together our ways well have to mend
With feelings of love not hate
We do have the brains but they are abused
Theyre used for destroying the earth
Were constantly wishing to be amused
Whats become of our own self worth?
Our very own souls are dying out
Machines are now the image
Animals are real,"preserve them" we shout
As we continue our route of pillage.
If we just stopped, and looked around
It would not be pride that wed feel
It may be a feeling of mere astound
Wishing the situation to heal.
This illness shall worsen before the`improve`
But lets knock EVILUTION down
Curse it and it must make a move
For it can only be fed with with a frown
Hopefully will be born a new kind of world
Wherein well harmonise together
All the wickedness out shall be hurled
And the storms we will learn how to weather
Lets look ahead and make this our aim
But we must be determined and strong
For truly weve only ourselves to blame
Let us now learn to right all the wrong.


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