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U3A Writing: Just Desserts

Claire gets her just desserts by locking herself out of her house in this story by Joan Semmler.

A thrill of delighted anticipation filled Claire’s mind as she dressed in her new blue suit and smart high-heeled shoes. The shoes were not practical for her to walk to the station, but she would not consider anything less with her new suit.

She raced around the house locking doors and windows and was about to pick up her keys and handbag when she remembered her maiden-hair ferns on the front verandah desperately needed water, and dashed out to water them.

BANG! Oh no. The front door had closed. Her neighbous were at work, and the nearest phone was at the unattended station one and a half kilometres away. No keys, no money and a very secure house.

Claire cried angry tears at her own stupidity. What would Anthony think when she did not turn up for their luncheon date? Even if by some miracle she met a friend on her way to the station and could borrow money for the train fare and phone call, the name of the restaurant was on a slip of paper in her handbag.

All she could do now was wait for her husband to come home from work.


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