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Bonzer Words!: My Prayers In 1944

Violet Apted recalls the arrival of a terrible telegram, and the day she and her siblings were machine-gunned while playing in a field in Kent.

Violet writes for Bonzer! magazine. Please do visit www.bonzer.org.au

I shed more tears than I ever have done before or since! How can I ever forget? We had previously received the terrible telegram, with the news that my father was ‘missing, believed dead’. My world fell apart. I had cried and cried. It was to be a year later when we had news that Dad was in a POW camp. Taken prisoner at Dunkirk. He was alive! To his little girl it meant her prayers had been answered.

My mother, four sisters, a brother and myself, were living in Kent, England in the midst of WW2. Not long after being machine-gunned whilst playing in our local fields, thankfully no one was injured. In 1944 we had been bombed out of our home. Only those of you who have lived through anything like this can honestly know the trauma involved. It was so hard settling into a new home, adjusting to new schools and trying to get back to some kind of normality in our lives. Shattered, fragile, but determined that that horrible man Hitler would not beat us. Yes, I cried. Yes, I was afraid. Not knowing what each day would bring, but something deep inside told me my prayers had been heard once and they would be again. They were! And I am here today to tell you my prayers were answered, as all my family survived the war.

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