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Blue, Green, Red and Purple: Night In The Suburbs

…Silent suburbs turn their backs on you…

Betty Collins's poem expresses the oppressive feelings of being alone among many.

after the chattering families have slipped behind curtains,
and dark cars, wetly returning, have swooped into driveways;
doors slam,
lights shut, and tight footsteps
crunch into silence.
Even the dogs stop yapping.

Long before midnight, dead silence, blank sky,
and nothing’s more single, alone,
than street lights on watch
exposing a desert of streets
quenching the stars

I am threatened by fences:
I am afraid of prim hedges and
Walls which are always

Silent suburbs turn their backs on you.

On a busy highway where a living world roars by my head
With whistles and shouts and trucks roistering by
I journey into sleep:
or by the sea,
where all night long the ocean snores and rumbles in its boundless bed.

And in the country you can step out into Eternity and
Shelter under a friendly canopy of air.


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