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Here's Alison: Ode To Florence Nightingale

Alison Ross voices a heart-felt plea for nurses with the caring capabilities of Florence Nightingale.

Florence, Oh Florence, Oh where can you be?
I need you so dearly, please come to me!

Your modern day counterparts, havenít your skill
Looking after our comforts, when we feel so ill.

But just now and then, there is one, who comes near
And you bless the Dear Lass, when she does appear.

But Florence, Oh Florence, most come in the room
Check here and there, and fly out on their broom.

You canít ask them to fix your pillow, or drink
The work is beneath them, Iím sure they all think.

Iím laying here itching, Iím hot and Iím sore
My pullrope has fallen, onto the floor.

My pillows are slipping; my mattress is too
Oh Florence dear Florence, oh what can I do?

Iíd give you a fortune, if just for a spell
You could appear at my bedside, and fix all this hell.

The Surgeons are wonders; with their skills and their stitches
But these modern day nurses, Iím sure must be witches.

History tells us Dear Florence, you spread, comfort and cheer
Yet none of these, my dear Florence, Iím finding in here.

Iíd like to go home, for I feel Iíve been cursed
But maybe tomorrow Iíll be over the worst.

Oh look! Here is the lass, that reminds me of you,
My prayers have been answered, dear Florence thank you.


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