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Poetry Pleases: Summer's Day

David Bennett's poem distils the sweetness of a summer's day.

Across the dale in hedgerows proud,
Where honey bees soak up the sweet
And skylarks strain to reach the clouds,
The sunlight warms the golden wheat,
Promising with ripened seed
To feed and nourish all about.

The soft breeze whispers through the hills
With welcome coolness for the brow.
The traveller rests beside the rill,
And all the beauty that his eyes allow
Is spread before him. So for now
He and all the world it seems are still.

Along the banks in clumps of cream,
Hiding the hungry butterwort,
The fragrant meadowsweet is seen
And myriad insects all desert
The sheltering leaves to dance and flirt,
As fairies dance in childhood’s dream.


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